Performance Formats

Mark's Performance Formats

Mark Wade performs regularly in a number of musical settings, and conducts workshops throughout the United States. If you are interested in contacting Mark for a performance or workshop, call him at (614) 370-5858 or email him at the following email address:

Mark's Email Address

Here are just a few of the formats that Mark has performed in:

Solo Concert Artist
All Genres: Blues, Bluegrass, Bach, Beethoven...
Mark Wade Trio
You can find more information about the Mark Wade Trio by clicking here.
Father & Son Duo
His father Roger accompanies Mark on guitar, and add a little family humor to their audiences. (Bluegrass/Appalachian)
Dulcimer and Guitar Duo
Mark is accompanied by Bob McMurray on guitar, and they perform almost any style: Bluegrass/Appalachian, Blues, Classical, Jazz...
Hammer On!
This band includes Mark Wade, Dan Landrum, Randy Clepper, and Bob McMurray. This arrangement of instrumentalists span a wide range of instruments from multiple hammered dulcimers and guitars to bouzouki and percussion.
Old-Time Irish String Band
This full band includes Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Bass, Flute, Piano, Dulcimer and three part vocal harmonies. This groups emphasis is in Irish & Early American instrumentals and Ballads, with supplementary repertoire in traditional Country ballads.
The Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra
As a hammered dulcimer soloist, performing original transcriptions and arrangements of Baroque chamber music for dulcimer and orchestra, such as "Le Coucou" by Daquin, and "Badinerie" from Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 2.