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Evart Greek Song

This is the simple little tune I taught for the Beginner's Only workshop at Evart 2017. As promised, here is a little video of me playing it and talking you through it.

Buon Giorno Principessa

Intro Ideas

From Dulcimer Academy Workshop 2017

Spanish Two-Step Workshop

Coshocton Dulcimer Days Festival 2017 Mark Alan Wade

Star Spangled Banner

Memorial Day 2017 Trying out a new app with an impromptu duet with myself. Thanks to all who serve our great country!

III Allegro, Concerto for 2 Mandolins

This is the last movement of this concerto. Unfortunately, my video camera ran out of batteries so I only have the audio. I threw together a slide show of press photos and various pictures from my performances in Austria, Taiwan, and Slovakia so you'll have something to look at. My apologies! I hope you enjoy the music nonetheless. --Mark

II. Andante, Concerto for Two Mandolins

This is the beautiful second movement from Vivaldi's Concerto for Two Mandolins in G Major. This setting is arranged by Mark Alan Wade for Mandolin and Hammered Dulcimer. The soloists featured are: Dr. Andy Carlson, mandolin, and Dr. Mark Alan Wade, hammered dulcimer. This is a live performance at Denison University from April, 2011. Mark is playing a Cloud Nine 17/16/8 hammered dulcimer built by Michael C. Allen in 2001. For dulcimer CDs, books, sheet music and videos, please visit my website: Thanks for watching!

I Allegro, Concerto for 2 Mandolins

Originally written by Vivaldi for two mandolins, strings and continuo, this concerto works equally well on hammered dulcimer. Mark Alan Wade, National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, has arranged this for mandolin and dulcimer. This video was recorded with a student orchestra, but Mark has performed this with other professional orchestras, including the Newark-Granville Symphony Orchestra. Sadly, the 3rd movement did not get on video; however, I will post the audio with a slide-show in the near future so you can hear how it goes. If you like it, please give us a thumbs up and share it. I have many more videos on this channel and on my website, along with the sheet music for most of it. Check it out here:

Le Coucou for Hammered Dulcimer and Orchestra

Louis-Claude Daquin [also spelled d’Acquin] was a French composer of harpsichord pieces, church music, and other compositions. Daquin wrote “The Coucou” for solo harpsichord as a standalone, short character piece that depicts a cuckoo clock. The interval of a minor third descending is the ubiquitous "cuckoo" of the clock throughout the piece. In 1998, Mark Alan Wade arranged Daquin’s piece for solo hammered dulcimer and included it in his contest-winning repertoire at the National Championship for Hammered Dulcimer. Following the success of his transcription, Wade prepared an orchestration for “Le Coucou” to be used as an accompaniment for his hammered dulcimer version. This arrangement of “Le Coucou” was debuted by the Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra in 1999, and has subsequently been performed all over the country by regional orchestras. Mark is playing a Cloud Nine 17/16/8 Hammered Dulcimer built by Michael C. Allen. The sheet music for the dulcimer solo version of THIS PIECE is available on my website right HERE:

Hedwig's Theme

"Hedwig's Theme", from Harry Potter by John Williams played on hammered dulcimer by Mark Alan Wade. Mark is a national hammered dulcimer champion from Central Ohio. This tune seems to be a great match for the haunting sound of a hammered dulcimer. For CDs, dulcimer books, sheet music, bookings, and more, check out my website: You can find me on FaceBook at:

Auld Lang Syne

Mark Alan Wade, Hammered Dulcimer

Adventures of Parker Man

A preview of a Parker Man action movie I am putting together.

Christmas at the Wades


National Dulcimer Champion, Mark Alan Wade, plays "Hallelujah" –a tribute to the late Leonard Cohen. Please visit for his CDs!

Hummel II Allegro Westerville Concert Band

Dr. Mark Alan Wade performs the Concerto for Trumpet in Eb by J. N. Hummel with the Westerville Concert Band under the Direction of Larry Klabunde.