Mark's Dulcimers

Mark's Hammered Dulcimers

photos by Edina Merkel Photography

Master Works Dulcimers

Master Works is located in Bennington, OK.

Mark plays a Master Works DulciForte dulcimer.

Mark plays a custom DulciForte model Master Works: 20/20/17. This magnificent instrument spans 5 full octaves and is incredibly balanced in tone from top to bottom. It has the beautiful top and bottom ranges from his other dulcimers all in one instrument! The best part- it only weighs 19 pounds! Mark is also a dealer for Master Works. Please see the store page or inquire for a consultation!

Cloud Nine Musical Instruments

Cloud Nine Musical Instruments is located in Ostrander, OH.

Mark plays a Cloud Nine 17/16/8 dulcimer.My 17/16/8 dulcimer from Cloud Nine has a terrific balance from top to bottom. Featuring a floating sound board, it has a powerful presence that can really bark when I want it to; yet is equally adept at expressive lullabies. Its smart layout of chromatics make even 'The Flight of the Bumble Bee' a cinch! This dulcimer is featured on my WAY Over the Waterfall CD."

Mark's Mountain Dulcimers

New Harmony Dulcimer Co.

Located in New Harmony, Indiana.

Photo by Edina Merkel Photography

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