Whistle Workshop 101 (2022)



Mark A. Wade, DMA


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Class Meeting Times
and Location

  • On-line via Zoom
  • Monday – February 7, 14, 21, 28, & March 7
  • 7:45PM to 9:00 PM Eastern

Course Level

Beginning to Early Intermediate

Required Materials

  • D whistle or Low D Whistle. (Tunable preferred, like a Susato. I am a dealer if you would like to upgrade.)
  • No textbook. Mark will provide all handouts and materials. (Included in the class tuition.)

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Course Description

This is a class for people who are new or relatively new to the penny whistle offered on-line by Mark Alan Wade. In addition to having 3 degrees in music on a wind instrument, Mark has played the pennywhistle since before he could drive a car! He uses his experience as a band director and public-school music educator to get you off to a great start on whistle with fun and easy solutions to the whistle’s tricky techniques. Specifically, in this beginner’s class, we will work on getting your fingers to cooperate with you using exercises that are rewarding to play. We’ll also work on playing in tune and playing over the break into the upper register. This class will also help you learn to play in the accessible keys on a D whistle: D, Em, E Dorian, Bm, Am, A Dorian, A, and G. We will apply new concepts to repertoire for practice with the goal that you will be making music in no time and ready for the intermediate version of this class in the fall where we cover Irish Ornamentation!!

NOTE: An Intermediate/Advanced class will be scheduled later this Spring! Take this Intro class now to be ready when it comes around!


This class meets 5 times for 75 minutes. Your tuition holds your space for all 5 sessions. Mark cannot guarantee a recording for missed classes but will make every attempt to do so. Recordings of the classes will be posted to the class Google Drive folder for your review, along with handouts and supplemental materials.

Mark and whistles.

Course Schedule

Week Date Topic
1 Monday,
Feb 7
Tuning, note layout, hand position, breathing for wind instruments, steady tone, first notes on both hands, D scale, first melodies, & slurring between notes.
2 Monday,
Feb 14
Finger patterns moving by step, breath work, crossing between left and right hands, recovering tone holes, hand position reinforcement, new melodies to pass the tune from right to left hand.
3 Monday,
Feb 21
Finger patterns moving by skip, scale patterns, C natural, melodies moving with skips, intro to crossing the break, new songs using high D, C natural and skips.
4 Monday,
Feb 28
Intro to high D, E, F#, G, Octave scales in D, Em, E Dorian, G major, repertoire crossing break and moving by skip, slurring/tonguing.
5 Monday,
Mar 7
Playing in the key of G, tonguing, hand vibrato, more finger work for dexterity, scale patterns for fluency, new tunes using scale patterns and skips between the hands and over the break.

Course Fee:

non-refundable $124 registration fee for 5 sessions is required to secure your spot in the class. After you register, Mark will email you instructions within a few days.



Use my contact page to email me with any questions you might have.


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