Whistle Workshop 201 – COMING SOON!!


Instructor Information


Mark A. Wade, DMA


See my contact page.

Class Meeting Times
and Location

  • Online via Zoom
  • Mondays – TBD. Next round starts later in 2023
  •  7:45 PM to 9:00 PM Eastern

Course Level


Required Materials

  • D whistle or Low D Whistle. (Tunable preferred, like a Susato. I am a dealer if you would like to upgrade.)
    • Essential Tin Whistle Toolbox – book with online audio.
      • Note: please order through my site. I will match or beat other prices and we all can save on shipping if I place a large group order. Warning: do NOT order from Amazon as they shrink the books down to fit on an 8.5” by 11.” Additionally, buying from me, a Mel Bay vendor, will guarantee the author is paid more for his work. The same is true for my Mel Bay books on Amazon.
      • If you would like the e-Book version of this instead for a tablet, you need to order directly from Mel Bay.
  • Mark will provide additional handouts and materials. (Included in the class tuition

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Course Description

This is an online class for people who are already familiar with the penny whistle and ready for next steps to improve their playing. In addition to having 3 degrees in music on a wind instrument, the instructor, Mark Alan Wade, has played the pennywhistle since before he could drive a car! He uses his experience as a band director and public-school music educator to get you off to a great start on whistle with fun and easy solutions to the whistle’s tricky techniques. Specifically, in this intermediate class, we will work on Irish ornamentation that gives whistle playing in all styles its characteristic sound. These techniques include things like slides, bends, cuts, taps, rolls and more. We will apply new concepts to repertoire for practice and you will be making music with these new articulations in no time! The required textbook is by far the best I have ever read or used and is a requirement for this course.


This class meets 5 times for 75 minutes. Your tuition holds your space for all 5 sessions. Mark will record each session in case you have to miss. Recordings of the classes will be posted to the class Google Drive folder for your review, along with handouts and supplemental materials.

Course Schedule

Week Date Topic
1 Monday, March 28th
  • Section 1:
    • Chapters 1-6: These chapters are primarily review reading for you, but you will definitely learn something new.
  • Section 2:
    • Intro to Ornamentation: What is it? Where does this come from? Why?
    • Chapter 7: “Cuts
2 Monday, April 4
  • Review “Cuts” from previous lesson.
  • Chapter 8: “Strikes
3 Monday, April 11
  • Review “Strikes” and “Cuts” from previous lessons.
  • Chapter 9: “Slides
4 Monday, April 1
  • Review “Slides“, “Strikes” and “Cuts” from previous lessons.
  • Chapter 10: “Long Rolls
5 Monday, April 25
  • Review “Long Rolls“, “Slides“, “Strikes” and “Cuts” from previous lessons.
  • Chapter 11: “Short Rolls

Course Fee:

non-refundable $125 registration fee for 5 sessions is required to secure your spot in the class. After you register, Mark will email you instructions within a few days.

Use the following form to pay for your registration online:


Use my contact page to email me with any questions you might have.


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