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Central Florida Dulcimer Festival

February 8 - February 10

Commonly known as “Mt. Dora” this is such a great festival!

Mark Alan Wade’s Classes:

  • Friday 10:15-11:30 Session 2F Hammered Dulcimer Beginner
    • Applying III Commandments of Dulcimer Playing: All dulcimer teacher agree on these guiding principles for success. I’ll explain WHAT these are and WHY they’re needed. Then we’ll see how it makes playing easier when we apply them into fun tunes. Thou shalt not miss this!
  • Friday 1:00-2:15 Session 4F Hammered Dulcimer Beginner
    • The HD Gospel of Mark: We’re going to take 2 or 3 of the most commonly played hymns in jams and learn how to play them so we’re ready for the next jam and be able to play with confidence. We’ll also learn some harmonies and fillers.
  • Friday 4:15-5:30 Session 5G Hammered Dulcimer Intermediate
    • It Don’t Mean a Thang! Let’s learn a fun Swing tune. Irving Berlin’s “Puttin on the Ritz”. You’ll get comfortable playing in Em while you learn the syncopated rhythms and tune! Adding filler and harmony is a cinch in this tune because it fits so well on the HD!
  • Saturday 10:15-11:30 Session 7G Hammered Dulcimer Intermediate
    • Off The Beaten Path. “Softly She Whispers” is a NEO Celtic air reminiscent of O’Carolan. You’ll love the enchanting melody and interesting harmonies, and we’ll choreograph the hand independence required to add chords. It’s on my “Serenade” CD if you want to preview it.
  • Saturday 1:00-2:15  Session 8H Hammered Dulcimer Advanced
    • Captivating a Bored Audience. In this all-new arranging class we are going to examine how manipulating just 3 variable can keep the audience engaged. By expertly varying your arrangement’s textures, dynamics, and range, you can keep your playing alive and interesting. This hands-on class will show you what your tunes are missing.
  • Saturday 2:30-3:45 Session 9F Hammered Dulcimer Beginner
    • Fill ‘er Up. This class will show you what all the filler stuff is and what are WE supposed to do to keep the tune going. We’ll learn predictable patterns and fills and apple them to some common jam tunes.
  • Saturday 4:15-5:30 Session 10H Hammered Dulcimer Advanced
    • Nacho Gramma’s “Flop- Eared Mule”. This class is about making a great arrangement from clever variations. I’ll show you how to make quick use of chromatic notes and how to create variations on the tune. For this class give “Flop-Eared Mule a try in the key of D before class.


February 8
February 10


First Baptist Church of Mt. Dora
1000 E. 1st Ave.
Mt. Dora, FL 32757 United States
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