Harmony Time


Book & Audio Combo – For Hammered Dulcimer

(All Levels)

Note: the audio files for this book are now available as a download from Mel Bay instead of a CD.

This entire book is dedicated to answering the question: “How do I add accompaniment and embellishments to melodies on the dulcimer?” Some of the most beautiful tunes we typically play on the dulcimer are fairly simple melodies. As such, they are full of possibilities! Realizing their potential, however, is not instinctive for most musicians. This book illustrates how to enhance these great tunes to showcase their inherent musicality. Full of illustrations, examples, preparatory exercises and easy-to-play arrangements, Harmony Time comes complete with audio recordings for aural learners! It begins by explaining in simple terms how and why harmony works and teaches the solutions to the common exceptions you will encounter. By the end, you will be able to apply the four most common methods dulcimer players use to add accompaniments to melodies. As a bonus, there are note-for-note transcriptions of fully arranged songs from Mark’s own repertoire to read and hear on the audio downloads!

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Table of Contents

  • Harmony Made Easy: Basic Music Theory
    • Discovering Intervals
    • Building Blocks of Harmony
    • Parallel 3rds
      • Tricks of the Trade
      • Scale Boxes
    • From Theory to Practice
  • Instant Harmony: Parallel 3rds
    • Instant Harmony: Parallel 3rds
    • Using Your Ears
      • When 3rds Do Not Work and Why
  • Instant Harmony: Parallel 6ths
    • Why Parallel 6ths Work
    • Finding Parallel 6ths
      • From Theory to Practice
    • Parallel 6ths in the Key of D
    • Parallel 6ths in the Key of G
    • Parallel 6ths in the Key of C
    • Parallel 6ths in the Key of A
    • Parallel 6ths in the Key of (Treble) D
    • Parallel 6ths in the Key of (Treble) G
    • Parallel 6ths Harmony in Context
  • Harmonizing with Parallel 3rds and 6ths
    • Experimenting with 3rds and 6ths
    • Shall We Gather at the River
  • Adding Accompaniments to Melodies
    • How Do You Know What Chords to Add and Where
    • Rolled Chords
    • Descending Arpeggio Style
    • Down and Back Style
    • Piano-Style Accompaniment
  • From Theory to Practice
    • Si’Bheag Si’Mhor
    • Southwinds
    • Home Sweet Home
    • Amazing Grace
    • Last Rose of Summer
    • ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
  • Warm-Up and Preparatory Exercises
    • Warm-Up Ditties for Dulcimer in D
    • Warm-Up Ditties for Dulcimer in G
    • Basic Training
  • Glossary


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