Wild Irish Whistle in A


Key Features of the Wild Irish Whistle

  • Tuneable
  • Key of (low) A
  • Brass fipple with Delrin cork
  • Brass body
  • Matte black finish
  • Strong, clear, sweet tone
  • Clear, bright sound on the higher notes
  • Comes with a premium soft padded whistle case [while stocks last]
  • NOTE: A whistles will require piper’s grip for most people due to the length.
  • Also available in the key of D and C at the same price!

Available on backorder



A Whistles by Wild Irish

This whistle is out of brass due to its excellent acoustic properties. Brass gives a brighter and more responsive sound than aluminium. The brass fipple also features a sturdy Delrin cork which helps to create a strong, clear tone.

The fipple plays a crucial role in the tone any whistle produces. That’s why Wild Irish whistles are made from Delrin. Delrin is a polymer that offers high wear resistance and longevity. It also helps to produce a brighter tone that will cut through any session.

It’s designed with a sleek, stylish matte black finish which will turn heads at any Irish music session.

This is a premium whistle, among the top whistles on the market, but offered at a budget friendly price. The Wild Whistle will make a beautiful sound from the moment you pick it up to play your very first note. You’ll be excited to practice on this quality instrument.

Comes With a Wild Whistle Case: Free While Stocks Last


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