Technique Book Bundle

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Mark’s 3 Technical Studies books for Hammered Dulcimer

(Beginner to Advanced)

  • 15 MORE Minutes a Day
  • 15 Minutes a Day
  • Killer Technique

These 3 books are often bought together so I thought I would help you save money on the BOOKS AND SHIPPING by offering them as a bundle! 

Over $13 in savings!

Each book covers unique aspects of playing technique and has different exercises and approaches. No overlap here– just lots of different ways to get your playing to the next level!

*Hard copies only*

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When we play music, we are causing inanimate objects to sing! Such a feat requires a strong connection between our ears, our hands, our eyes, and even our feet. These connections get stronger over time but need daily maintenance to stay in optimal shape. This is why even seasoned musicians need warm-up routines. We need to realign our aim, wake up our hands, tap into our muscle memory, and shake off the dust since our playing session. While all of this is necessary, it doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t have to take forever.

This bundle of books solves the problem of not knowing what to practice or how to practice to get the improvements in the skills you want. Each of these exercises has been chosen because they have successfully worked for my students. They’ll work for you too!

15 Minutes a Day: a daily practice routine with fun to play exercises on scales, chords, chromatics, hand independence, and more! ($17)

Killer Technique: exercises to refind technique on the percussion rudiments, chord patterns, best hammer grip, flow, and more! ($15)

15 MORE Minutes a Day: the 2nd installment of my 15 Minutes Series with all new exercises to recalibrate your aim, find the sweet spot for the best tone possible, hand independence, mountain roll technique, and playing in parallel harmony for tandem alignment. ($22)

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Savings of Nearly $14!

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